module questionnaire

In the media and entertainment industry, questionnaires are your compass to navigate the complex landscape of audience preferences, talent acquisition, and production perfection. DzjinTonik goes the extra mile by integrating questionnaires to enhance and support this crucial process.

Seamless registration. Use DzjinTonik as a unified portal for all your needs – castings, audience recruitment, candidate enrolment, and job interviews. No more switching between different platforms.

Flexible question sets. Craft customized questionnaires with ease, tailored to each specific requirement. Publish them directly from DzjinTonik, eliminating the need for additional tools.

Talent promotion. Easily identify and promote top candidates to your company contacts, ensuring that exceptional talent doesn't go unnoticed.

Reusable resources. Why reinvent the wheel? Access previous question sets, make modifications as needed, and save valuable time on repetitive tasks.

Automated mailings. DzjinTonik empowers you with automated mailings, making your workflow smoother and more efficient. Stay connected without extra effort.

Database ownership. Take charge of your valuable data. Set up and manage your comprehensive database, tailored to your casting, recruitment, and interviewing needs.


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