Unleash your vision

Mobile App

Manage your schedule, approve hours, and request holidays on-the-go with our mobile app, available for Android and Apple.

Asset Management

Master your assets: cameras, lenses, cars, and more. Take charge of costs and availability.

HR & Timesheets

Effortlessly handle employment agreements, salary details, and employee holiday balances. Generate timesheets any time.

Drama Scheduling

Create scene-based schedules from your script and perfectly optimize them, factoring in availability of people, locations, and assets.

Call Sheet

Instant call sheets: customized and organized for your shoot days!

Payroll Integrations

Effortless HR management: seamlessly integrate DzjinTonik with your HR system. Eliminate data duplication and ensure accurate payroll processing.

Management Reporting

Unlock insights: analyze, group, and sum all the existing data in real-time with DzjinTonik!

Newsroom Integration

Enhance your newsroom planning with DzjinTonik integration. Link essential resources like cameras, cameramen, and soundmen to planned events for streamlined scheduling.

Outlook/Gmail/iCal Integration

Sync your DzjinTonik schedule with ease. Get your personalized schedule in your Outlook, Gmail, or iCal calendar instantly.

Location Database

Centralize your locations in DzjinTonik. Add photos, contacts, and documents.

Tax Incentives Follow-up

Generate reports on government-approved tax incentives or other finance plans and subsidies.

Integration approval Flow

Simplify invoice approvals with DzjinTonik. Seamlessly integrate with approval flow systems or customize to your needs.

Accountancy Integration

Simplify data entry by the seamless integration with your accounting system.

Cash Register

Gain full visibility of your company's cash flow. Monitor withdrawals and deposits with ease.

Expense Note

Full cash flow oversight: monitor, approve expenses, and auto-book project costs with integration.

Invoice Management

Effortlessly handle invoices, orders, and currencies. Sync with your accounting program. Track budgets with invoice matching for clear project insights.

Payment Integration

Simplify payments with DzjinTonik’s payment integration. Say goodbye to manual entry and sign payments effortlessly.

Candidate Questionnaire

Unlock the secrets to talent selection. Your casting, audition, and job interview process with precision-crafted questions.


Turn your tailored questionnaires into email surveys for efficient distribution. Simplify communication and seamlessly gather data.

Research Questionnaire

Gather essential data for your shooting day effortlessly. Explore vital information like vaccination preferences and more, all in one place.

Contact Database

DzjinTonik: your contact data powerhouse! Centralize employees, freelancers, customers, suppliers, and extras effortlessly by assigning roles.

Candidate Groups

Streamline your contacts: Create candidate groups for quick access and organization. From auditions to extras, stay effortlessly organized.

Candidate Reports

Transform completed candidate questionnaires into customized reports, giving you the power to efficiently evaluate candidates and their responses according to your preferences.

GDPR Compliant

DzjinTonik prioritizes GDPR compliance. Protecting personal data is our top priority. Control access to personal data based on roles. We ensure your company always complies with stringent GDPR laws.

Music Scripts

Scripting a music production? Our templates simplify the process considering beats and bars.

Integration Final Draft

Do you use Final Draft for your scripts? Seamlessly integrate DzjinTonik with Final Draft to instantly import your latest script version. Then, effortlessly generate breakdown planning to optimize your drama scheduling based on your script.

Additional Script Layers

Collaborative scriptwriting made easy! Multiple teams, one script. Add layers with comments from each department.

Camera Cards

Effortlessly handle multiple cameras: assign shots and viewpoints based on your script for every camera card in your project.

Integration Prompters

Enhance show efficiency with DzjinTonik’s autocue integration. Automate text forwarding for seamless prompter usage.

Entertainment script

Scripting an entertainment production? Try DzjinTonik entertainment show templates.

Drama Script

Got a fully scripted drama production? Use DzjinTonik drama show templates for effortless scriptwriting.

Script Imports

Do you already use a script writing tool like Final Draft? Integrate DzjinTonik for instant script updates and enhanced drama scheduling.

Identity Management Integration

Elevate security: single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. Centralized user management for robust access control.

Jira Integration

Get swift help with Jira integration. Enjoy quick assistance for all your queries as a DzjinTonik user.

Sharepoint/Dropbox Integration

Seamlessly integrate your documents from Dropbox or SharePoint into DzjinTonik.

Website Integration

Automate website updates for fresh event listings with DzjinTonik integration.

Ticketing Integration

Streamline live event management: integrate DzjinTonik with your ticketing system.